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Adventure Travel Should Be Fun And Safe

It is exciting to watch Indiana Jones running through thick jungles and escaping rolling boulders in the movie but in reality, very few people lived that kind of life or take up such life-threatening vacations.

For most people, adventure travel should be fun and safe. It may involve some degree of hardship and sweating but there should be little or no risk involved. Adventure travel, really, is whatever you want it to be. It might mean travel to a distant and exotic place although it does not have to. It might cost a lot of money or it might be free. If you travel somewhere, anywhere, and you have an experience that excites you, provides you with an escape from the ordinary, and leaves you feeling happy, then you have had an adventure.

Adventure travel may involves activities such as sky diving, mountain climbing, go white water rapids in a kayak, or photographing polar bears in the Arctic. These are exciting and adrenaline rushing activities and do provide one with a deep sense of adventure. But adventure travel can also involve a leisurely trip on the Mississippi River in a paddle wheeler, a stroll across the English countryside in search of a certain species of bird. Even a tour of the wineries of southern France or a shell-collecting expedition on an obscure Caribbean beach can be considered as adventure travel.

Here is an interesting example. There was this guy in Taiwan who chose to hitchhike his way around Taiwan for nine days. In fact, he even asked for free food and accommodation from strangers during the trip. And he was very surprised by the friendliness of the people he met. Many strangers actually offer him food, lodging and transportation for free! Throughout the journey, he did not climbed any big mountain or jump off a plane in the middle of the sky. So is this adventure travel? Absolutely!

Of course, everybody has a different perception of adventure travel. A marine biologist would probably consider diving near a sperm whale as a thrilling adventure. However, to a poker player, playing poker in various casinos in Las Vegas will also provide a high degree of thrill.

Adventure travel does not necessarily mean a trip out of the country or state either. Interesting things to see and do are often within your own back yard, or at least an easy car drive from home, wherever that might be. Go exploring uncharted area in the nearby mountains or rivers where you lived can be just as exciting too! Look around the place where you lived, be it a small town, the countryside or a big city. They are many unpublicized places where few people know. Embarking on a tour to uncover such places is a form of adventure. These places can include small local museums, houses of special interest (the birthplace of a famous person), small sanctuaries for wildlife and flora, restored buildings or even communities dating back to historic times, and so on. In fact, hunting for good food in obscure corners of a big city is very exhilarating, thrilling and fun.

Adventure travel can take you to the other side of the world, to the top of a mountain, or to the wildest places on earth. It might also take you to the inside of a little old library just around the corner that you have walked past a thousand times. Ultimately, it is not where you go but the sense of adventure you feel that counts.

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What is Small Group Adventure Travel?

What exactly is Small Group Adventure Travel?

Lucky means many things to many people. I have never won a large sum of money in fact I never won anything really. I have a nice place to stay and enough to eat but I work for that so I'm not sure how much it has to do with luck. I find more red lights than green and I never get away with anything that is even slightly naughty. But I am a lucky man.

I have worked in small group adventure travel for 10 years now I have experienced many countries and sights, made real friends and learnt a great deal. Travel makes me happy and a happy man is a lucky man. Small group adventures is a fast growing sector of the travel industry, some say the fastest, but it's a style of travel that has many misconceptions. Unlike other styles of travel such as cruising, or a beach resort the words small group adventure is quite cloudy for travellers and travel agents alike. So what I want to do, as simply as I can, is clarify what small group adventure is all about.

Adventure-Adventure is the word that starts to confuse us because adventure means different things to different travellers. Think of this type of adventure as a genuine experience of a country and it's people. So if we are having an adventure in Tuscany, for example, we would stay in a beautiful Tuscan farmhouse, meet Tuscans in a local restaurant eating great Tuscan food. Now if we were having a genuine experience in say Papua we will be trekking through thick jungle, staying in a remote village house and the food, well, it will be local.

Escorted tours in small groups-The words group or escorted tour can conjure up visions of name badges, flag waving guides and one hour toilet stops. Small groups average 12 people of many nationalities from different backgrounds and all ages. Small groups mean more attention from guides and leaders and a lot more freedom. For most it is a relaxed way to travel that gives you freedom and expert local knowledge but takes the hassles of day to day travelling away.

Age-The average age of one of our travellers is 18 to 70. Travellers are attracted to different destinations, level of budget and comfort. This determines what type of person travels on which trip. Generally the group you are travelling with will have chosen that trip for the same reasons as you. Will they be the same age as you? Maybe but you will find you will have a lot in common.

Accommodation-Small groups do not need to book big hotels. Your budget determines the facilities of your place to stay but not the comfort. People travelling on a budget will be staying in basic but clean, comfortable and central accommodation. You can afford something a little more then stay with a Maharajah in his palace or in a family run 4 star boutique hotel. You can afford the best then we will find you the best hotels hand picked for their uniqness.

Responsible Travel-The only time you can have more fun being responsible than not being responsible is travelling. Giving back to people who welcome you to their country is a responsible thing to do. How can we do this? We can use operators that take us to eat in a good local restaurants, that use family run hotels, that use local businesses to help run their trips, we could buy some souvenirs from the markets or visit some sight that is away from the crowds. We could also use operators that have different community projects help those that need help the most. We can even get involved in those projects by donations or spending a couple of days helping out on a volunteer holiday.This, I hope, clears some of the haze surrounding small group adventures. There are many other questions to be answered I'm sure so you can contact me on the address below.Spencer Neal has worked in adventure travel since 1997. His many adventures and passion for travel has led him to part own an online adventure travel agency Travel Light specialising in world wide adventures for South Africans. You can contact him at

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Spencer Neal has worked in adventure travel since 1997. His many adventures and passion for travel has led him to part own an online adventure travel agency Travel Light specialising in world wide adventures for South Africans. You can contact him at

Find Ideas Here How to Go for the Best Adventure Trip

The travel lovers want to trip in various ways, they love to make an adventurous trip for the best entertainment. We are living in the world of adventure. People prefer to travel and have fun on adventure. Adventure is not only of travelling high of the hill and dip in the deep sea or travel in the juggle just saving the life or own, though, it is a part or adventure trip. Basically, we want to go to the furthest corner of the world where some of the living being has gone. We like to dip in the deep sea and see the unseen and know the unknown there. The adventure is also to survive from the grasp of hungry crocodile or shark.

Though the mentioned are some of the adventures. In the minds of men have different notions for adventurous trip just as someone may like to travel the whole world on riding a bi-cycle. This is his adventure for a trip. If you really want to have an adventurous trip you have a lot of ways. Some of the adventurous trips you may have entertained are mentioned herein. In Chile you can get boundless journey where 90% of the guide is of natives. Again you can ride on backboards in Thailand pedal through a golden tri angles. Pedal through the triangle from 25 to 57 miles per day. You may have the classic journey ion Costa Rica by Zip line through a forest canopy that will be taught by the locale.

In Finland you can have an adventure trip by dog sledding. You can travel a long and rest in an igloo; it is also a finest limit of budget. In the journey to Mexican ocean, you can have an experience of grey whales and sea turtles. The sea is full of danger. In France you will be able to see the medieval castle. You can visit there by pedaling bi-cycle. The king of Jordon has established an economical lodge, stay there and enjoy the trip to Petra and Dead Sea. If you have set the mind to make an adventure to Colorado River, you will be able to see the Grand Canyon; it is also a non motorized travel. In Mongolia you will get the travel to Gobi and you will get the horse and camel pulling carts.

So, except that, you may have a trip to arctic or Antarctica. There you may have a lot of adventures.

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Adventure Travel For The Audacious Spirit

Travelling feeds the wandering soul, but it also feeds the corporate soul. Even the most top executives no longer travel solely for business purposes anymore. Leisure travel has become a preferred method for stressed-out businesspeople to unwind in their downtime. In today's modern world, active executives take advantage of their vacation time by treating themselves to some well-deserved leisure travel. With this evolution of travel, the idea of what travel entails has changed as well. People are no longer satisfied to visit the same tourist traps, but instead want to explore their world through adventure travel. In the field of adventure travel, bigger is definitely better.

The concept of adventure travel is not entirely new. For as long as standard tourist spots have existed, there have been travelers that have gone out of their way to avoid them. Those travelers became the first adventure travelers. As the world of adventure travel progressed, more people became interested in traveling the road less taken. More travelers are curious about the world beyond the glossy travel brochures, and adventure travel has risen in popularity to become a world premier method of travel.

To learn how to define adventure travel and how to become an adventure traveler, you have to learn more about extreme sports. Some people, no longer satisfied with the typical sports like football, baseball or soccer, decided to look for excitement in more extreme activities such as base jumping and wakeboarding, thereby creating the field of extreme sports. As more people got involved in extreme sports, they would travel to meet up with one another and adventure travel got associated with their extreme lifestyle. These extreme sports enthusiasts incorporated their love of their sports into their traveling, and created a type of travel full of thrill and adventure.

Adventure travel certainly does afford adventure enthusiasts the opportunity to intertwine their sports with their traveling. This type of travel gives travelers the same burst of adrenaline that extreme sports can offer, and also gives travelers to see the world from a new perspective. Unfortunately, as with anything that relies on its obscurity to stay fresh and exciting, a rise in popularity spells out the beginning of the end for adventure travel. As adventure travel becomes more popular, the destinations that were once off the beaten path have become tourist attractions. This rise in popularity is best illustrated by the travel agencies that specialize in adventure travel packages for those interested in adventure but not interested in planning the trip themselves.

In addition to the standard travel options that cater to conventional tourists, most travel agencies also offer adventure travel packages for anyone who wants more excitement in their vacation. If you're looking for a vacation that you'll never forget, filled with stories you'll retell for years to come, consider booking your own traveling adventure.

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Adventure Travel for the Free Spirited Individual

Adventure tourism is now one of the fastest growing trends in travel business. It started with Leo Le Bon who co-founded the world's first adventure travel company--Mountain Tours with other eight travel mates. Le Bon and others made the first commercial journey to the Annapurna region of Nepal. Since then, the travel business grew rapidly resulting to a plethora of travel companies that offer adventure vacations.

Classifying an adventure travel however pose a little difficulty in defining what exactly it means. Adventure travel depends on the level of strenuousness of activities involved. Adventure may involve leisure biking and hiking for some travellers or it may entail base jumping into an underground cave in Mexico.

Nevertheless, a travel involves some fundamental aspects to be classified as adventure. Adventure travel typically includes going to far-flung areas, intermingling with various cultures, and doing a physical activity.

Two categories of adventure travel are hard and soft adventures. Hard adventures fall under extreme and mostly dangerous sporting activity. Examples of hard adventures are rock climbing, surfing, paragliding, and scuba diving in remote locations. Soft adventures, on the other hand, are leisure activities that are often educational. It does not involve strenuous activity unlike hard adventures. Bird watching, religious pilgrimages and architectural tours fall under soft adventures.

But you might wonder who usually embark on an adventure travel? Travel Industry Association of America's (TIA) study indicated an estimated 20 percent of adult travellers are adventure tourists. It is also parallel to The Wall Street Journal reporting in 2003 that revenues from adventure tourism has skyrocketed topping the adventure market with $ 245 million dollars.

While many studies say college-educated males in their 20s typically embark on hard adventures, it is harder to categorize people who go for soft adventures. They say baby boomers and seniors significantly affect the rise of number of soft travellers. However, adventure-seeking women have also substantially caused the continuous growing of the industry. For example, divorcees ages 40 and 60 usually turn to adventure travel as a shift into new lives.

In addition, adventure travels are physically and psychologically beneficial both men and women. Physical challenges like mountain climbing require both physical fitness and focus. It develops muscles as well as serves as an excellent mental workout. Achieving difficult tasks also help build self-esteem especially for people in midlife crisis.

There are several options to what kind of adventure travel fits a specific type of person. But you should determine first how adventurous you would like to be. A travel agency may actually help steer you through the multitude choices that you will face.

Sports-themed vacations are well-liked for athletes. Examples of these are baseball fantasy camps and NASCAR driving schools. Safari is one example of soft adventures popular to many of varying ages. This may involve driving and walking through the African plains and come into close contact with lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.

Long time popular destinations are the Seven Wonders of World that include biking and hiking to these locales. Some of the world wonders include pyramids of Egypt, expedition to Antarctica, cultural tour in Japan and Ethiopia, the Great Wall of China, and Taj Mahal in India.

If you opt to have an adventure travel however, be sure to be safe as much as possible. Take note that adventure travel has inherent danger involved.

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